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The healthy way to quench your thirsty


It acts in the formation and strengthening of teeth and bones, regulates coagulation, besides being a protagonist in neuromuscular functions.


It is present in all the muscular functions of the body, not to mention its aid to the pancreas in the release of insulin, helping to fight diabetes.


It is so important that it is considered by experts to be the mineral of life, participating in more than 300 functions in the body such as energy transport, protein synthesis, maintenance of good cellular functioning, hormonal activity and many other functions.


Necessary for calcium absorption in initial stages of bone, nail, skin, and hair formation. Helps in the Alzheimer’s disease prevention and it is good for your heart.


It favors the mineralization of bones and teeth, and helps controlling diabetes by inhibiting cholesterol synthesis.


Perda de Peso

1 - Weight Management

With a proper hydration, your body will go further in training, burning more calories and recovering faster. The presence of Magnesium promotes a leaner body, prevents diabetes and other diseases.



Drinking FOZ regularly can reduce skin dryness, positively impacting aging effects. Adding fresh fruit juice to FOZ triples the power of vitamin C antioxidant reactions, neutralizing free radicals.

À medida que envelhecemos nosso corpo intensifica a oxidação das células e esse processo de oxidação é responsável por liberar radicais livres em nosso organismo, que são moléculas capazes de causar doenças degenerativas como alzheimer, parkinson, AVC, infarto e, até mesmo, câncer. Escolher uma boa água e consumí-la diariamente pode auxiliar na melhor oxigenação das células, ajudando na eliminação das toxinas, que aceleram o envelhecimento celular.

Pressão Sanguínea


FOZ has a perfect combination of Calcium and Potassium that helps control critical body functions, including blood pressure and heart rate stability. The high Magnesium percentage, combined with a healthy life style, promotes arteries protection, reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Melhor Hidratação


Due to its rare combination of minerals and high pH, FOZ water contributes to the balance of cellular fluids, reaching the veins, capillaries and cells more easily, hydrating the body in an accelerated way, in addition to more easily eliminating toxins present in the body.



Our body works constantly to eliminate accumulated acids, which can bring us some health problems. The daily intake of FOZ water may help the body to neutralize acidity, as if it were cleaning tissues and cells. The elimination of toxins potentiated by water and the pH control of the organism favor the purification of the body and inhibit fluid retention, which occurs as a fight against acidity.

pH Balanceado


Frequent intake of FOZ water may help balance the body's pH, preventing diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, hepatitis, chronic arthritis, dermatitis, among others. Its consumption can also improve blood circulation, since it is able to decrease blood viscosity, which allows blood to circulate in the body more efficiently, also improving the supply of oxygen to the organs.


7 - kidneys

FOZ water assists in the functioning of the kidneys by accelerating the excretion of melanin and preventing its accumulation in the bladder, which in turn improves the pathological circumstances associated with the bladder stone. FOZ water helps to fight kidney stones, because although calcium precipitates in alkaline urine, water with bicarbonate increases urinary inhibitory factors: citrate and magnesium, which helps to prevent kidney stones.



Our bone metabolism is extremely sensitive to changes in blood pH, so the more acidic the pH, the greater the bone resorption. The consumption of FOZ water may help to decrease the levels of PTH (hormone responsible for increasing bone resorption). With a stronger bone structure, that is, with a balanced blood pH, there is an inhibition of bone destruction, so magnesium is used to strengthen bone tissues. In addition, FOZ water helps eliminate solid waste with uric acid and nephrolites through urine, helping to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis.


Consuming FOZ water is indicated to neutralize the effects of acidic foods, building in this way to reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders, helping in peristaltic movements and acting in a laxative manner. Because it has a higher pH, its natural ability to neutralize acids in the stomach makes it a good choice for treating disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. FOZ water promotes a more efficient elimination of waste and neutralizes excess gastric acidity, preventing diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, constipation, chronic diarrhea, among others.

Performance nos Esportes


FOZ water improves muscle performance, since it can better eliminate excess lactic acid accumulated during physical activity, preventing the appearance of muscle cramps and injuries and decreasing the feeling of fatigue and the recovery time after training. Its hydrating potential is important in increasing the yield of biological processes, as it makes nutrients reach cells faster. It also improves cognitive ability, that is, it is efficient in bringing important nutrients to the body, favoring the neurological and muscular system, improving reasoning and the response to various environmental stimuli.


It's time to think better before choosing the water you are going to consume. Much more than choosing an alkaline water, it needs to have an alkalizing power, measured by means of PRAL. But, after all, what is PRAL? PRAL is an acronym in English that means renal acid load potential , described by Remer and Manz in 1995, when they were able for the first time to calculate the acid or alkaline load of a food by comparing its consumption with the measurement of urinary pH. The kidneys have a limited ability to eliminate acids through urine and more and more processed and processed foods have made our food more acidic, with positive PRAL and this ends up causing diseases, while alkaline diets with negative PRAL protect our organism . PRAL is then a metric used to determine whether the diet has an acidifying or alkalizing power. Negative PRAL diets prevent and treat important diseases, such as diabetes. FOZ water is already part of the lives of thousands of Brazilians who are looking for more quality of life, health and healthy longevity. It is indicated by health professionals to their patients, as well as high performance athletes in search of better!

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